Space Drifters: The Ghost Ship

Space Drifters: The Ghost Ship
By Paul Regnier
Publisher: Kregel
Release Date: 04/2018

Space Drifters: The Ghost Ship continues the galactic voyages of Glint Starcrost, the gruff captain of a small band of heroes aboard a travelling spaceship. As they run into enemies both old and new, Glint slowly begins to mature with the help of his Bible-believing companions.

Thanks to Regnier’s obvious affection for classic space operas such as Star Wars and Star Trek, as well as a fast-paced narrative, The Ghost Ship will likely win over kids seeking some entertaining sci-fi thrills, especially those already invested in this series. It also provides teachable moments though the use of Scripture, often referenced by the main characters in dire situations.

Despite a simple structure and a few sci-fi clichés, this book offers just enough action-packed spectacle and humor to draw in readers under 13, and not without an evident biblical center.

—Zachary Wisz