Steal Away Home

Steal Away Home
By Billy Coffey
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: General
Release Date: 01/02/18

Love and loyalty are tested in Steal Away Home, a regret-laced, baseball-infused novel about blind ambition, prejudice and the fleeting nature of fame.

Owen Cross inherited his gift for baseball from his father, whose fledgling career was cut short by an injury. Now relegated to janitorial work, Owen’s father keeps his ambitions alive through his son.

Micky Dullahan is from the wrong side of the tracks, a Shantytown dweller whose father is a scheming, abusive alcoholic. Micky and Owen form a deep, secret bond over the years, with Owen dreaming of whisking her away once he’s recruited by an area college. But God has other plans.

After a mystical experience on a railroad trestle disrupts their lives, Micky becomes an ardent evangelist focused on bringing God’s love to Shantytown. Owen resents her new focus and refuses to acknowledge God’s intervention in their lives. The tension between two clashing missions leads to disaster and heartbreak.

Steal Away Home’s blend of magical realism, baseball, and Southern flavor will pull readers in and keep them engaged through the very last inning.

—Lynn Waalkes