Still Evangelical?

Still Evangelical?
By Mark Labberton, editor
Publisher: IVP Books
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 01/2018

This collection of 10 essays addresses the title question by offering insightful and reflective perspectives on what it means to be evangelical “amid the messy and polarized realities gripping our country and world.”

Evangelical insiders address the crisis contained in modern culture and political struggles. Some contributors tell their personal story while others describe the history of this movement. Issues of abortion, homosexuality, race, and immigration divide evangelicals. All evangelicals are immersed in the context of familial, societal, and cultural pressures that influence their faith.

What is the central mission of the good news? How do people follow Jesus and love both neighbors and enemies in troubled and conflicted times? Theological and thoughtful for personal understanding and group discussion.

—John Bernstein