Stronger Than the Struggle

Stronger Than the Struggle
By Havilah Cunnington
Publisher: Nelson Books
Genre: Christian Life
Release Date: 01/09/18

Popular writer and speaker Cunnington reminds us that the Bible has all the answers we need for the challenges we face daily. “So,” she asks, “why do we struggle?”

She learned at an early age that everything we say to the Lord is heard, and that if we reach out in faith, He will respond. The enemy is real and will always try to change God’s periods into question marks. But there is hope. By being God’s best version of ourselves, we can win in spiritual warfare.

In an honest yet humorous approach, Cunnington deals with a charismatic subject in a down-to-earth manner. She shares a collection of tips to help readers determine whether the warfare is with God, themselves, or the enemy. Then she creates a battle plan.

This thoughtful read for individual or group study has Empowerment Points at the end of each chapter.

—Donna Watson