Supernatural Power for Everyday People

Supernatural Power for Everyday People
By Jared C. Wilson
Publisher: Nelson Books
Genre: Christian Life
Release Date: 01/23/18

Wilson, director of content strategy at Midwest Baptist Theological Seminary, blogs for the Gospel Coalition. Here he reminds ordinary Christ followers that they can live supernaturally every day.

Wilson describes an ordinary fictional believer who goes through life by rote until he begins questioning the meaning of life. Taking a single step toward a Spirit-driven existence can begin to alter a Christian’s life in supernatural ways.

The author’s resources focus on 10 specific chapter topics that all play a significant role in helping readers move from a stale religious existence to a supernaturally infused, exciting, Holy Spirit-driven life.

Readers will glean lots of insight on experiencing the Spirit’s conviction: presence, guidance, voice, strength, filling, counsel, comfort, gifts, and baptism.

Wilson’s work is both practical and motivational. Christians in all seasons of life will find something good within it pages to apply to their own spiritual journey.

—Michele Howe