Talking About God

Talking About God
By Steve and Cheri Saccone
Publisher: Tyndale
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 01/2018

Christians many times feel awkward and fearful when having the “God talk” with friends and family. This husband and wife team navigates these tricky waters through six authentic conversations with truly transparent people struggling with real issues, real questions, pain, doubt, and shame.

No pat answers are given, no one-conversation-fits-all dialogue, but instead God is offered as the genuine truth, the One and only lasting answer. The key is asking God for His guidance through prayer and His Word, treating people with respect while not rushing the process, and allowing the Holy Spirit to work fully and completely, leaving the ultimate results to Him.

A very interesting read for all who understand the importance of talking about God with the world but are unsure of how to be most productive for the Kingdom. Highly recommended.

—Kim Trivilino