Tell Me a Huntin’ Story

Tell Me a Huntin’ Story
By Steve Chapman and Don Hicks
Publisher: Harvest House
Release Date: 02/2018

Chapman is best known as a Christian musician, but he is also an avid hunter. He and his friend Hicks, a pastor with more than 50 years of hunting experience, love to tell stories about hunting, and this collection gives them a chance to do just that. In alternating chapters, each man reveals the camaraderie, humor, patience, and spiritual insights that are part of hunting.

Some stories are funny, while others give insight into hunting details such as how a hunter handles the dilemma of only wounding an animal rather than killing it, forcing him to then have to track it through the woods. The authors also confront the anti-hunting reactions they have faced from people over the years.

Hunting is about more than simply killing animals. As the hunter waits patiently in an elevated stand 18 feet above the forest, he gazes down at the beauty of the creeks, trees, and clearings spread out before him. As Hicks describes it, “There’s a perspective of the world from up there that has literally changed the core of my character. I’m able to see things I’ve never noticed before.”

While this book will be of interest primarily to readers who already share the authors’ passion for hunting, it may also attract some other curious readers who want to know more about why hunters are so drawn to this pursuit.

—Joseph Bentz