The 49th Mystic

The 49th Mystic
By Ted Dekker
Publisher: Revell
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Release Date: 05/15/18

Rachelle Matthews is a blind teenager living in Eden, Utah. Rachelle sees through her dreams in living color. The problem is that the Shadow Man repeatedly enters Rachelle’s dream world in a nightmarish way, blinding, mocking, and condemning her.

When Rachelle’s father arranges for a medical procedure to restore Rachelle’s eyesight, something goes very wrong when she next falls asleep. Rachelle awakens in a different reality and goes in between two worlds throughout the story. When she is in the other reality, she is prophesied to be the 49th Mystic and her quest is to recover five seals before either world’s enemies destroy her.

All along the way (and in both realities), Rachelle is challenged to see with eyes of faith and believe that truth will win out. Dekker’s storyline is fast-paced, exhilarating, and faithful fans will be eager to see Part 2 released in the fall. Dekker expertly explores the concepts of perception and vision from a physical and spiritual vantage point, which will have readers contemplating the same.

—Michele Howe