The Accidental Guardian

The Accidental Guardian
By Mary Connealy
Publisher: Bethany House
Genre: Western Romance
Release Date: 04/2018

Deborah Harkness and her sister travel with a small wagon train, working for their passage by caring for two children. They are the only four survivors when the travelers are attacked. Now they’re stranded in the High Sierras, a bitter winter bearing down. Without help they won’t survive long.

Trace Riley discovers Deborah and the others and leads them back to his ranch. Isolated by a similar attack years ago, Trace feels driven to apprehend the villains. But first he must provide for these women and children who change everything about his bachelor home. He and his two ranch hands find that women bring creature comforts to a hard lifestyle and priorities change—except the need to find justice and bring safety to the trail again.

Connealy’s novel introduces readers to a rugged land, but the beauty and strength of the mountains’ inhabitants will inspire readers to consider the joy of finding a forever love.

—Kim Peterson