The Age of Promise

The Age of Promise
By Randy Robison
Publisher: Nelson Books
Genre: Christian Life
Release Date: 01/30/18

As the age of the old covenant was fulfilled in Christ, He initiated a new covenant, transforming promises made in the Old Testament in order for us to live lives of purpose and power as we build His kingdom on earth. Robison, co-host of the LIFE Today TV show, invites fellow Christians to understand and experience these promises of God.

Robison covers 10 promises (deliverance, sacrifice, judgment, and more) and illustrates them with biblical events and principles and contemporary stories. The promise of deliverance means that we can trust God in every situation for deliverance, whether it happens immediately, incrementally, or eternally.

The promise of sacrifice means that Christ’s sacrifice covers all our sins. The promise of judgment means that we’ve been judged righteous in Christ. Robison also corrects various misconceptions and misapplications of these promises.

The Age of Promise provides an informative and encouraging guide to faith and life in the age of Christ.

—Daniel Johnson