The Austen Escape

The Austen Escape
By Katherine Reay
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: General
Release Date: 11/07/17

Mary and Isabel have known each other since second grade, best friends who have slowly grown apart over the years. When Isabel invites Mary on a trip to England for a Jane Austen immersion experience, Mary reluctantly agrees.

Preparing for the trip and exploring the manor where they are staying back memories of growing up together and Austen’s stories. A few days after their arrival, Isabel begins to believe they are truly living in the Regency era and forgets everything about her real life. As Isabel falls deeper into the illusion of Austen’s world, Mary struggles to bring her back to reality while gaining a new perspective on her own life.

This standalone novel by an engaging author seamlessly blends modern-day characters into a backdrop of Regency era England. Readers who like Tamara Alexander and Jane Austen will enjoy this book. Discussion questions are included.

—Jennifer Fleming