The Captured Bride

The Captured Bride
By Michelle Griep
Publisher: Barbour Books
Genre: Historical
Release Date: 06/2018

Mercy Lytton, half white and half Mohawk, defies her era by working as a keen-eyed scout. Determined to defeat the French, she poses as the wife of war prisoner Elias Dubois. Condemned to the gallows, Dubois’ reprieve comes in posing as Mercy’s husband, traveling with two others to transport captured gold to the British.

At first Mercy wants little to do with this Frenchman, but his actions are consistently honorable. The inconsistencies between his behavior and faith and his status as a convicted criminal baffle her. Who is this man she is coming to trust with her life—and her heart as they brave the wilderness, the Wyandot, and the treachery of greed?

Griep’s novel continues the story of the Lytton women, descendants of those who traveled on The Mayflower, and the faith that sustained them.

—Kim Peterson