The Case for Miracles

The Case for Miracles
By Lee Strobel
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Christian Life
Release Date: 04/03/18

Once again, former spiritual skeptic Strobel puts his journalistic skills to the test in the latest of his “The Case For…” series. The best-selling author interviews believers, skeptics, and nonbelievers in a relentless pursuit of the existence of miracles.

True to his journalistic skills, Strobel starts the 13-chapter book with the case against miracles before he starts making his case for them, then wraps it up with “When Miracles Don’t Happen.”

Perhaps the most engaging parts are the countless verified accounts of miracles from all over the world. Doctors and skeptics are often cited as witnessing these miracles, most focusing on inexplicable physical healing.

This engaging and challenging book in

cludes references, a group guide, and an index.

—Vince Lovato