The Character of Virtue

The Character of Virtue
By Stanley Hauerwas
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans
Release Date: 04/19/18

A prominent theologian of the evangelical left reproduces his letters to his godson (Episcopalian) written annually for the anniversary of the boy’s baptism. There are 15 letters and, at the request of the boy’s father, each takes up a virtue, such as patience, kindness, and courage or character traits, such as simplicity, joy, and friendship.

Hauerwas shows wisdom and understanding as he simply explains how these virtues and traits are to be worked out in our contemporary world, and what can get in the way of their development. He has a canny insight into human nature and comfortably interacts with Scripture.

There are hints of presumptive regeneration through baptism, and Hauerwas is a well-known pacifist. Moreover, on his commending the trait of justice, he at times confuses it with mercy.

Recommended for thoughtful Christian teens, but with reservation.

—Gerald Wisz