The Day the Angels Fell

The Day the Angels Fell
By Shawn Smucker
Publisher: Revell
Genre: Speculative
Release Date: 09/05/17

If Samuel Chambers had left the stray cat alone, that summer might have revolved around baseball games, playing with his friend, and going to the fair. But bad things sometimes happen. Samuel rescued the cat; lightning killed the oak tree on their farm; and his mother died.

Samuel’s longing to bring his mother back to life propels him into an age-old conflict. Three strangers from the carnival, a reclusive neighbor, and a new ranch hand attempt to influence Samuel’s quest to find the Tree of Life. But whom should he trust in this ancient battle that keeps humans from misusing the tree? None of them are who they seem to be.

Smucker’s debut novel delivers the story of a strong spiritual conflict without preaching, letting the story entertain while exploring the importance of death—and the life that comes after.