The Engagement Plot

The Engagement Plot
By Krista Phillips
Publisher: Shiloh Run Press (Barbour)
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 11/2017

After a bitter end to a run on a reality dating show, moving forward is a struggle. In a massive faux pas, wealthy CEO Will wrongly implies his fiancée is not as innocent as she appeared on national TV, which spirals her into scandal. Not only is he plagued by a guilty conscience for this gaffe, but his corporation also has nosedived.

In an attempt to fix these wrongs, he trudges to Hanna’s home during a blizzard. Hanna and her dad realize it would be very un-Christian to turn him away in a snowstorm, so while trapped they begin planning to save Hanna’s reputation and Will’s sinking company. Over the coming weeks they discover the love they had on the show is true in real life. However, Will is defiant toward God – a deal-breaker for Hanna. An enjoyable modern-day romance, with reminders that God lovingly works all things together.

—Sarah Brown