The Gospel According to God

The Gospel According to God
By John MacArthur
Publisher: Crossway
Genre: Biblical Meditations
Release Date: 02/28/18

A veteran pastor provides a verse-by-verse exposition of Isaiah 53 in an essay instead of typically commentary format. Identifying this part of Isaiah’s prophecy as one of his four “servant songs,” MacArthur shows the detail and depth of the passage as it pertains to Christ’s crucifixion and its effects for all who believe on Him.

As part of his explanation, he shows how the prophecy switches tense, so that some of it is still to be fulfilled: the return of the remnant nation of Israel to God through Christ just before He returns. MacArthur expertly teases out the full-dimensional meanings of Hebrew words in the passage, which enriches his explanation.

Background chapters on Israel’s history at the time of Isaiah provide historical context and a sermon on Isaiah 53 by Charles Spurgeon is an added bonuses. The book is clearly written, highly interactive with Scripture, and doctrinally faithful. Universally recommended.

—Gerald Wisz