The Hidden Side

The Hidden Side
By Heidi Chiavaroli
Publisher: Tyndale
Genre: Historical
Release Date: 05/08/18

Natalie is the mom of teenage twins who couldn’t be more different. Maelynn is in the popular crowd while Chris is a loner haunted by shadows of the past. Being mom and maintaining a career as a Christian radio personality keeps Natalie at her wit’s end.

Rewind to 1776, and we meet Mercy, whose world is rocked when her fiancé is executed as a spy. As each character’s story progresses, readers discover the two women might be more alike than they seem.

This novel is filled with parallels, from a dual storyline that introduces us to modern-day Natalie and Revolutionary War-era Mercy to the search for peace in the midst of the chaos of unexpected events and war. The theme of God’s loving grace is found throughout the story and calls the readers to draw closer to that same God.

—Jennifer Fleming