The Human Right

The Human Right
By Rice Broocks
Publisher: W Publishing Group
Genre: Christian Life
Release Date: 02/20/18

To help fellow Christians communicate the Gospel with clarity and urgency, Broocks equips them to explain to nonbelievers that the best solutions to our 21st-century problems are found in a collection of first-century documents. He believes that this approach to evangelism is uniquely effective for our times.

Broocks explains that hearing the Gospel is the most important human right and that denying it to anyone is the greatest injustice of all. The Gospel deals with injustice at its true source because it changes people’s hearts. Also, the Gospel is public truth, solidly based on objective, verifiable facts. He addresses the problem of evil, the Gospel in a pluralistic society, the reality of the soul, the exclusivity of Christ, and other issues.

Recommend The Human Right especially to customers who are interested in evangelism or apologetics and to those who purchased other books by Broocks, such as God’s Not Dead.

—Dan Johnson