The Hundred Story Home

The Hundred Story Home
By Kathy Izard
Publisher: W Publishing Group
Release Date: 06/26/18

Izard has spent over the past decade serving the homeless in Charlotte, North Carolina. Challenged to do more than feed empty stomachs, she set out with others to build beds. She tells her life story, the family hardships that shaped her, and the life circumstances that fueled her to live her motto of “do good, love well.”

Starting out serving soup to asking banks for grants, Izard’s desire to serve the homeless multiplied and transformed many lives. But regarding spirituality, the story is a bit vague. Most of her life, Izard was resistant to God. As her enormous undertaking became overwhelming, she admitted she needed divine help and God came through miraculously. However, God is viewed as a generic, non-religion-specific spiritual being that helps out.

This interesting read into a world many cannot relate to will challenge its audience. Includes discussion and frequently asked questions.

—Sarah Browne