The Immortal in You

The Immortal in You
By Michael Augros
Publisher: Ignatius
Genre: Religious Studies
Release Date: 08/04/17

A philosophy professor at St. Aquinas College shows that there’s more to us than our material composition and its interaction. We have an interior as well as a physical outside, for example, and our senses work in harmony instead of individually. How is that possible?

Augros shows how imagining isn’t the same as thinking, and that we can perceive universal truths without having to empirically uncover every possibility. These and other arguments lead him to the immortal soul, whose existence he defends using the same method of logic.

The appeal isn’t to Scripture but logic to show that we are more than what science can say we are. Augros isn’t antiscience, but thorough in demonstrating its limitations. Appreciating this book requires a commitment to follow arguments to their conclusions, and Augros is a clear writer providing relatable examples. His arguments have pre-apologetic value for discussing the faith with others.

—Gerald Wisz