The Lifegiving Table

The Lifegiving Table
By Sally Clarkson
Publisher: Tyndale
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 10/03/17

Author, speaker and founder of Whole Heart Ministries, Clarkson shares her passion for nurturing families with faith, food, and fun. Around her dining table she endeavors to impress upon her children the love of God, the importance of familial relationships, and the joy of feasting together on delectable foods.

The true essence of The Lifegiving Table is to love and to encourage with open communication and connection to the heartbeats around us. Intentionality, gratitude to God for who He is, an awe of the beauty of His creation—along with a willingness to sacrifice time and effort—is essential for the building of spiritual wisdom and grace to sustain faith through life’s trials. Scripture, personal stories, favorite recipes, and a discipleship principle to begin each chapter fill the pages. While ideally suited to young families ready to begin lifelong discipleship, the ideas and concepts can be tweaked to fit any lifestyle.