The Light Entrusted to You

The Light Entrusted to You
By John R. Wood
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Release Date: 02/2018

According to statistics, Roman Catholics in the United States make up the largest group in the Christian community. But there are also 25 million fallen-away Catholics. This book was written primarily for them, to present the church’s teachings in a winsome and practical way.

Wood uses the acronym SAINTS as the book’s structure: new life, strength, the Bible, God’s kingdom, theology of the body, and sacrifice and service. He covers a wide range of topics and in each chapter sprinkles stories about Catholic saints and stories from his life. Wood’s style is engaging and practical.

Recommended as a valuable tool to help reengage lapsed Catholics. It will help them rediscover the genus of Catholicism, live an authentic Catholic life, and spread the word to friends and neighbors. It could also be used to reach Catholics needing a refresher course.

—Neil Bartlett