The Man He Never Was

The Man He Never Was
By James Rubart
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: General Fiction
Release Date: 02/20/28

Toren Daniels was a college football star, but he was kicked out of pro football for his uncontrollable temper. His raging arguments with his wife, Sloan, destroyed his marriage and alienated his children.

Toren awakens in a strange hotel room, having lost his memory of nine months of his life. He’s a transformed man, with patience and kindness in place of a raging temper. He has moved on to a new romance. His children fear him yet want their daddy. His former coach, and a good buddy try to help him. A past foe threatens Toren and his family.

Rubart weaves an intriguing plot that involves faith and fear, mystery, and redemption.

—John Bernstein