The Orphan’s Wish

The Orphan’s Wish
By Melanie Dickerson
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: YA/Fairy Tales
Release Date: 06/26/18

Young orphan Aladdin flees a taskmaster who forces him to steal. He travels to a foreign land protected by a priest who introduces him to God, and there befriends the duke’s daughter, Kirstyn. Their unusual friendship overcomes the differences in their social classes and grows into their adult years.

Now a man, Aladdin insists on seeking his fortune to become an equal worthy of Kirstyn. When she is abducted, Aladdin must sacrifice all he has gained—wealth and status—to find her.

Dickerson’s tale doesn’t repeat the Disney version of Aladdin, but the themes—wanting to be perfect, needing to win approval, longing to be accepted, and finding a forever family—remain. Kirstyn and Aladdin grapple with being enough in the eyes of those they love until they learn being valued and accepted by God is what truly matters.

—Kim Peterson