The Peaceful Mom

The Peaceful Mom
By April Cassidy
Publisher: Kregel
Release Date: 03/2018

Cassidy really wanted to train herself to stop screaming at her young children. So she videotaped herself pretending to talk to her son and daughter, practicing until she felt her tone was loving and polite.

In this book, the pharmacist, blogger, and mother of two Cassidy explores anger, worry, fear, and other negative feelings that prevent moms from feeling peaceful. She explains how God has helped her tame her emotions, respect her husband, discover joy in the midst of trials, and avoid idolizing her children.

This book focuses so heavily on Scripture teaching and exhortation that it lacks the warm, personal approach that characterizes most mom-to-mom books. Most of the anecdotes, in fact, are stories about families other than her own.

Without an emotional connection to the author, some moms may find the book’s content preachy, but The Peaceful Mom is articulately written and contains solid biblical advice.

—Christy Pitney