The Power of 72

The Power of 72
By John Teter
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Genre: Christian Ministry
Release Date: 12/2017

Teter, the son of a Dutch-American father and a Korean mother, does a magnificent job unleashing the powerful principles found in Luke 10:1-20. He guides serious Christ followers to purposeful choices that will allow them to emulate the lives of the 72 apostles whom the Lord appointed.

Especially helpful is how the book is organized. The first part deals with theology, where the author discusses faith issues, the Christian’s calling, and the risks involved in evangelizing. The second part talks about application. Teter defines and details in practical methodology how Christians bring nonbelievers to saving faith, the power and purpose of fervent prayer, how to be a good friend starting with the path from secular to sacred, and rejoicing in God.

Teter’s life bears out the principles he espouses in this timely and energetic call to evangelize in real time.

—Michele Howe