The Prayer Wheel

The Prayer Wheel
By Patton Dodd, Jana Riess, and David Van Biema
Publisher: Convergent
Release Date: 02/2018

A single sheet of paper was found in a collection of rare manuscripts dating from the Middle Ages. On it was a drawing, “its concentric rings were filled with spidery writing in deepest brown and brightest red. At the center was the word DEUS God.”

It is one of hundreds of prayer wheels that used geometric figures to represent Christian truths. Following more information about the wheel’s history, the authors take readers through daily meditations on the Lord’s Prayer, the Beatitudes, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the life of Christ. Offering structure and adaptability, the prayer wheel connects the old and the new paths for prayer.

This refreshing approach to prayer is recommended for groups and individuals.

—John Bernstein