The Riot and the Dance

The Riot and the Dance
Gorilla Poet Productions

This beautifully crafted two-part nature/science documentary was birthed out of Gordon Wilson’s lifelong love of all things nature.

Looking at the world, secular biologists focus exclusively on naturalistic causes; Wilson, a biologist, teacher, and writer, sees the supernatural handiwork of God everywhere. In the first part of this film, he looks at God’s creative personality while exploring different wings of his “living art museum.” Breathtaking cinematography (from the Pacific Northwest to Sri Lankan jungles) backdrops the personable, artsy narrations of amazing facts about ingeniously designed creatures.

This film showcases “God’s geological architecture”—mountains, forests, rivers—and His living, breathing masterpieces in the form of animals, reptiles, insects, and slithering things. It contains footage of death/predator-prey; a result of the fall, Wilson says, and “more riot than … dance.” Viewers can see how everything has a role in nature.

This family-friendly cinematic “celebration of the world we’ve been given” will inspire, entertain, and leave viewers with a greater understanding of and appreciation of God.

—Nancy Kanafani