The Road to Magnolia Glen

The Road to Magnolia Glen
By Pam Hillman
Publisher: Tyndale House
Genre: Historical
Release Date: 06/2018

Second in the “Natchez Trace” historical romance series, The Road to Magnolia Glen follows the travails of two Irish immigrant families. Quinn O’Shea meets Kiera Young aboard a ship bound for Natchez, Mississippi. Both are orphans caring for younger siblings. Quinn plans to leave his brothers with older brother Connor, now married and running Breeze Hill plantation. Kiera believes her British brother-in-law has arranged a marriage for her in Natchez. She learns upon arrival that she and her sisters have been indentured to evil brothel owner Pierre Le Bonne.

Quinn and friends rescue the sisters and spirit them away to Breeze Hill. Quinn and Kiera develop a deep bond, but he still yearns for freedom from family responsibilities. When Kiera’s younger sister elopes with the son of another plantation owner, the safety of both families is thrown into jeopardy.

Heavy on romance, light on history, The Road to Magnolia Glen offers plenty of rescues of damsels in distress to please romance readers.

—Lynn Waalkes