The Solace of Water

The Solace of Water
By Elizabeth Byler Younts
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Release Date: 06/05/18

Devastated by grief over the death of her four-year-old son, and coldly furious at her daughter Sparrow for allowing it to happen, Delilah Evans is simply going through the motions of a life no longer worth living. When this heartbroken family relocates to the rural community of Sinking Creek, Pennsylvania, for a new beginning, Delilah becomes tentative friends with Emma Mullet, an Amish woman with deep, dark secrets of her own.

Set in 1956, this story highlights many of the issues still corroding our country today. Race and religion are divisive, while alcoholism, cutting, and teenage suicide run rampant. Byler Younts is a marvel with dialect and highly charged emotional scenes. Like a turbulent river, water is ever-present in this story of love, anger, and regeneration.

—Kristine Wilson