The Sound of Rain

The Sound of Rain
By Sarah Loudin Thomas
Publisher: Bethany House
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: 11/2017

Judd worked alongside his brother Joe in the coalmines until the day it collapsed on them, mangling Judd’s leg and taking Joe’s life. Devastated, Judd pursues Joe’s dream of traveling and starts by seeking out the ocean in South Carolina.

When Judd is offered a job working for a timber company, he decides to stay for a while. He doesn’t anticipate meeting Larkin, the boss’s daughter, who volunteers as a candy striper and loves to dance above all else. While Judd is pursuing his brother’s dream, Larkin longs to fulfill her dream of helping the people of Appalachia. As their dreams try to separate them, their growing love brings them together time and again.

This was a sweet standalone story set in the 1950s. Fans of Jane Kirkpatrick will enjoy this book that is filled with engaging characters who seek God’s best for their lives.

—Jennifer Fleming