The Story Peddler

The Story Peddler
By Lindsay A. Franklin
Publisher: Enclave (Kregel)
Release Date: 05/2018

Tanwen peddles stories to the peasants. But she’s not just a storyteller; she weaves strands of stories into beautiful glass sculptures to sell. But Tanwen must only tell stories approved by the king—those that praise him or those that praise the goddesses and not the Creator.

Yet the stories are becoming harder to weave as truth leaks from her fingertips. When one tale spins out of control and speaks treason, Tanwen flees for her life. Hunted by the royal guards, she discovers she’s also wanted by a group of rebels for her gift and her family name. She may not remember her father, but these outlaws knew him and his loyalty to the previous king.

Fantasy fans will savor this tale about the beauty—and power—of words.

—Kim Peterson