The Trust Protocol

The Trust Protocol
By Mac Richard
Publisher: Baker Books
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 11/07/17

In all relationships—personal, business, and spiritual—integrity is the foundation. Richard illustrates the value of integrity in building trust when he introduces the Trust Protocol. He has seen this method of love, resulting in good works, under accountability, for the glory of God and His purposes change lives wherever it has been implemented.

Richard explores the elements of the Trust Protocol and the challenges presented when it is practiced as he reveals his own commitment to it and the blessings he has seen and experienced. He anticipates readers’ questions and objections to actively participating in the protocol when their situations are less than optimal and courageously points out that sometimes, the only option may be change. He confirms that entering into relationships of trust will inevitably result in betrayal and demonstrates how to use the pain and achieve forgiveness.

This would be a thought-provoking group study but is suitable for readers in all walks of life. The principles expounded can be applied in any environment, from private to corporate, from couples to companies.

— Elizabeth Wisz