The View from Rainshadow Bay

The View from Rainshadow Bay
By Colleen Cable
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: 01/23/18

When Shauna McDade’s husband died in a climbing accident, she blamed his adrenaline junkie best friend, Zach Bannister. Now it looks like Jack’s death may have been murder.

There have been a rash of murders staged to look as accidents in the town of Lavender Tides, and Zach and Shauna join forces with the local sheriff to figure out what is happening to this quiet, picturesque town. But when Shauna’s five-year-old son Alex is kidnapped, the stakes are infinitely higher.

The first book in the “Lavender Tides” series promises to be a gripping whodunit with enough clues and red herrings to keep readers flipping pages way into the night. Coble is a master storyteller with a knack for creating the perfect blend of tension and romance. Highly recommended for fans of contemporary romance thrillers.

—Kristine Wilson