Understanding Your Teen

Understanding Your Teen
By Jim Burns
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Release Date: 11/2017

For centuries, says Burns, society typically acknowledged just two developmental life phases: childhood and adulthood. In fact, the word “teenager” was not even used until 1941.

But these days, adolescence is a very real phase, especially for adults whose children are in the throes of it. In this book, Burns addresses dozens of topics families with teens may encounter, from the expected (bullying, media use, eating disorders) to the uncommon (such as marriage stress while parenting teenagers).

Burns writes in an informational, knowledgeable tone, citing statistics, personal anecdotes, Scripture, and cultural trends. Thoughtful questions conclude each chapter.

The content is as straightforward as its title, and Burns’ unembellished approach will seem dull to some. But for parents (especially dads) wanting a no-fluff guide to parenting teens, recommend this solid resource.

—Christy Pitney