By Jeremiah Johnston
Publisher: Bethany House
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 12/19/17

Few books from the realm of apologetics build as strong a case for Christianity as Unimaginable. This book takes on an It’s a Wonderful Life vibe as Johnston “explores what the world would be like had Christianity not emerged and what will happen if Christianity collapses.”

His self-stated prayer is to “remind us all of the Jesus factor in our world.” Though the content is deep and scholarly, Johnston also reaches out to the more casual reader. His exploration of historical figures from Hippocrates to Hitler will help readers connect history to the larger narrative of Christ’s influence on humanity, even when He was rejected.

Johnston shows how Christianity has made the world a better, brighter place. This book would catch on with a scholarly audience, but it might also be very attractive to history buffs. It is deeply researched and compellingly written.

—Von Mitchell