By Johnny Hunt
Publisher: Harvest House
Release Date: 02/2018

Tireless and prolific author, speaker, and pastor Hunt makes one unflinching point in his latest book: Many Christian men are simply too proud or embarrassed to admit they have a problem that keeps them from their best relationship with the Lord.

By nature, men struggle with asking for help. Here, Hunt outlines some of the issues even good Christian men face: pride, anger, pornography addiction, and substance abuse. Then he convinces them that courage and humility are the tools to self-assess, confess their challenges to loving church and family members, and gives them the spiritual tools to make changes.

Like the academic he is, Hunt provides a detailed reference list so readers can go read the firsthand sources used in the book. His chapters are short, forceful, and fast-paced.

Obviously, the book is aimed at mature male believers, but it has been suggested that women who see their husbands struggling would also get some ideas about how to lead their men toward admission and growth.

—Vince Lovato