By Johnny Hunt
Publisher: Harvest House
Release Date: 02/2018

Hunt provides a source of encouragement to men in Unspoken. All men, Hunt believes, need a few individuals with whom they feel safe enough to confide their secrets and discuss their struggles. Concurrently, struggling men need a group of fellow believers to help them stand on their feet and return to their inherent God-given strength.

Writing in three parts, Hunt first presents a picture of the problem with men’s struggles to deal with their own issues. He then explains eight critical areas in which men refuse to speak about their problems. And finally, Hunt seeks to empower men to seek one another out, to embolden and heal one another in the Lord.

Unspoken is a book about revealing one’s own truths, powerfully confronting and conquering them, and growing into the men God wants them to be. It would be a good men’s Bible study, and it should be in every church. It’s potential to provide life and inspire personal and spiritual growth is endless.

—Vince Lovato