Walk It Out

Walk It Out
By Tricia Goyer
Publisher: David C Cook
Release Date: 10/2017

Do you look at your walk with God as a journey in self-sacrifice and dedication to God for good? Or, do you simply ask God what He needs for you to do and be willing to do it?

Goyer has taken us on a journey of self-evaluation. She has asked the tough questions and provided many personal stories, reflections, and action steps to guide us along the way. She says we must cling to the messages God whispers to our souls and never give up, even when the work gets hard.

God intends for us to do what the Bible says: Spread the gospel, feed the hungry, visit the sick, and many other adventures. He wants us to use the stories of our experiences to make a difference. It is what loving God is all about. As Goyer says in her daily prayer, “Lord, bring my heart home.”

—Donna Watson