Where We Belong

Where We Belong
By Lynn Austin
Publisher: Bethany House
Genre: Historical
Release Date: 10/2017

Where We Belong opens in 1890 with two wealthy, independent sisters hunkered down in a tent to wait out a fierce sandstorm in the Sinai Desert. Rebecca Hawes and Flora Merriday are on the latest of a lifetime of unconventional adventures to learn and pursue God’s will for them, this time a journey to a remote monastery where biblical scholar Rebecca hopes to find ancient Bible texts.

Austin moves back and forth in time and place, covering a span of 30 years. From their home in Chicago to the Sinai in 1890, the sisters experience the Civil War, the great fire of Chicago, courtship, and more. They reject society’s rigid expectations to seek God’s will in how to best use the wealth and interests He’s given them. Flora’s heart for impoverished children leads her to found an orphanage. Rebecca’s studies add to the field of biblical archaeology.

Based on the true story of remarkable Scottish twins who discovered a copy of the “hidden Gospels,” Where We Belong will please readers who enjoy adventure, and maybe inspire their own search for divine purpose.

—Lynn Waalkes