Who God Says You Are

Who God Says You Are
By Klyne R. Snodgrass
Publisher: Wm. B Eerdmans
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 01/2018

“Who am I?” can be a frightening proposition to answer, especially if you don’t have good guides to help you. In this book, Snodgrass provides a helpful roadmap. He says he’s written the book for Christians willing to wrestle with their identity.

Snodgrass discusses nine ways of looking at identity: physical and psychological makeup, history, relations, memory, commitments, actions, boundaries, ongoing processes of change, and future. Each chapter is full of mature thoughts and reflections on the nitty-gritty of identity, including the need for action. In the final chapter, Snodgrass emphasizes that the most important thing to know about our identities is that we belong to God.

There’s plenty of good, rich material for readers, especially pastors, thinkers, and informed laypeople. While questions of identity are sometimes treated in superficial manners, Snodgrass has penned rich counsel that for readers will have staying power. Recommended.
—Neil Bartlett