Your Guide to the Apocalypse

Your Guide to the Apocalypse
By Matt Hagee
Publisher: WaterBrook

Hagee, executive pastor of the 20,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, confidently presents prophetic events happening worldwide in a simple way and uses what the Bible has to say on future events with skill and ease.

He offers readers biblical texts as the foundation and mainstay for this primer on interpreting the coming apocalypse by citing specific current happenings worldwide in the economy, environment, technology, weaponry, and the mistreatment of Israel. He also details the larger meaning for Christians today of the Letters for Seven Churches.

Hagee’s text takes what is normally a complicated and divisive topic and presents biblical prophecy in a way that even the most unstudied reader can understand. Given today’s tumultuous times, this book is also comforting, consoling, and full of eternal hope.